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As an extension to our established programme. The RRD CIC was set up so that we can create a sustainable, cost effective opportunity for Business, Charities, Service Sector and Universities to be an inspiration for the next generation. Through their engagement with the programme they support us to support schools with training and licence to be able to empower the students with a life tool, for stress and trauma management


Meet Us

We are on a mission to empower the Youth of today inspired by adults leading by example, to  release the tension from their stress and trauma to live a happier, healthier more fulfilling life.

They do not have to suffer and together we can prove it and make it possible!

Caroline Purvey

My unique programmes have evolved from a technique I learned in South Africa back in 2011.  Now as an International Award winner, best-selling author, and recipient of an Honorary Doctorate in Natural Medicine I bring unmatched expertise into my work.  I share and inspire with the message that we all can heal ourselves from the impact of past stress, overwhelm and trauma.

Together with my son Daniel, our mission within RRD CIC is through the support of local communities, we can train Teachers in schools across the UK to become Facilitators.  They can empower their pupils to discover their capability to release tension from stress and trauma.  Like many others, they can start living the life they want and deserve without being held back by their past.

My passion to keep sharing my work is driven by the profound results of those from around the world who have transformed their lives by engaging with the process.  


Daniel Wood

Back in 2010, I hit rock bottom, and my life was at its lowest: homeless, divorced, financially broke, mentally and emotionally on the edge.

With three children and always striving to be the best father I could, I was devastated when life led me to be alone, homeless and broke.

It was from doing the process I learned from Caroline,  that I was able to turn my life around. I was blown away as I started to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and behaviourally. I came out of my depression and started to live life again.  Passionate about the work I joined Caroline in 2015 to support her in growing the organisation.

During Covid, we turned her experiences into online courses for others to be able to Release, Recover, Discover and turn their lives around as I did.

Now, as a father with purpose, I strive to enable parents today to be an Inspiration for the Next Generation by embracing the innate capability we all have to Recover from past stress and trauma.  Like Caroline, it is my passion, and life purpose.

Our Mission is:

To Empower and Inspire
1 Million Teenagers

To Embrace Self-Recovery and Health Discovery.

My life was chaos…

“Before I had learned the Release programme, my life was chaos, and I went from one meltdown to another. Now my bucket is not so full I can handle what life throws at me and not let the stress and tension destroy me. It has never been more obvious than in the past year with COVID-19 all the challenges it has given me.  But I have noticed my resilience and how much the practice has changed my life for the better.

I am a calmer, happier person, and I no longer let stress or anxiety stop me from achieving everything I have ever wanted to achieve. My relationships with others has improved because I am no longer stressing or being anxious with them. Thank you for teaching me the tools to empower my life.”

Paul Turner – Company Director 

‘Following the pilot Programme we have seen some great individual resilience and emotional stability results. We are now starting to offer it as a therapy to other students who show symptoms of stress and anxiety. We have been so impressed that many of our staff have also learned the technique. I would thoroughly recommend this course to you and your students. Caroline is an excellent teacher who presents a complex yet simple concept in a very down-to-earth and engaging manner.’ 

                                                             Well-being Lead DOYRMS                                                

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