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The Benefits of  Releasing

Our RRD Programmes are designed

to enable you to easily and safely embrace your innate capability to:

  • Release symptoms from stress, overwhelm and trauma
  • Recover from the root cause/s
  • Discover freedom from the past and become the person you were born to be

Why Learn to Release?

Physical, mental and emotional health is impacted by stress, overwhelm and trauma.  

We now know from lived experience, that tension from stress and trauma remains in the muscle memory. We also know that we all have the innate power to release the tension. 

The benefits of Releasing include:

  • Improvements to physical, mental and emotional well-being
  • Feeling happier and more at peace
  • Less pain
  • Improved focus, concentration and memory
  • More energy
  • Better sleep and so much more …



Improve Mental Health

The process sustainably reduces anxiety and depression levels.  Your confidence grows and your resilience to thrive in a stressed world.


Physical Optimisation

Releasing rebalances the nervous system. Like pressing a reset button. Feel more in balance on every level.  You will soon notice increased motivation to engage with other physical well-being activities. 


Buisd New Habits

In an endeavour to supporess the pain from the past, many turn to bad habits for example drinking, drugs, or overeating. This inturn leads to addiction.  In the Releasing process you recover from the root cause, and the addictive habits are replaced with positive ones.. 


Social Confidence Grows

As your self-confidence grows, you will find it easier to speak out, share your voice and get noticed.   You will start to say what you mean and mean what you say.


Boosts Work Performance

With releasing you soon gain more energy, clarity of thought, and creativity.  Work performance is enhanced as you Discover new levels of productivity. 


Belief in Ourselves

Childhood experiences are the root cause for many in confidence, self esteem and self-belief.  You will soon start to believe in your self and start to live the life you want and deserve.

Begin Releasing Today

About Our Programmes

Embrace your Ability to Recover

About our Programmes

The Release, Recover, Discover Programmes are created to enable you to build trust, comfort and understanding in your innate ability to recover from the impact of your past stress and traumas. You will soon start to Discover a life in which you are free of the past.

Programme Structure

Our Programmes are structured into 4 Modules delivered over 4 weeks.  We provide essential education, guidance and support through presentations and audios empowering you to build confidence and trust in your bodies ability to heal itself.

Self Study

At the start you are asked to complete a Registration/Well-being Form. This is important as it is a starting point for you and we know how to best support you through your sessions and beyond.

To progress through the porgramme you complete and submit a Session Journal.  

After you complete the four modules and submit a Comparison Form, we generate a Progress Report that records your changes over that period of time. You can also generate a report anytime in the future as you continue as a Regular Releaser.

You will also receive a Certificate as you prove to yourself and others you can take control of your well-being.

Course Options

We offer the following options:

Introduction Online Course/Facilitator led.
These are short and to the point: 4 educational videos and four short releases.

It is a great low-cost way to learn either in the comfort of your own home and in your own time of face-to-face facilitator led.  Learn to connect with your core and discover you innate ability to Release and Recover.

In collaboration with coaches, healthcare professionals and wellbeing centres the introduction courses are offered in small groups offline.

Full Course
Delivered Online, you gain more educational understanding of the process and how it works. There is greater support and understanding in the Recovery process.

This Programme is available as:

  • Self-Learning online and at your own pace
  • Practitioner-led includes four online guided sessions with one of our more experienced team members.

As you Release and Recover, we provide online support and guidance through email and online chat. We also provide practical activities, insights, and an understanding of the recovery process to prepare you for what may occur.

Online and Facilitator- led courses purchased via our collaboration partners provide additional support through their services.

Our full programmes offer additional support materials and direct support from us in the Recovery process.

Purpose in Recovery

By embracing the programme Your Recovery Journey has purpose.

This includes:

Your own Recovery and many personal benefits.

You Become an Inspirational Role model for others with physical, mental and emotional pain.

You become an Inspiration for the Next Generation.

Investing in yourself finances our ability to enable the youth of today. We gift the training of facilitators within schools and provide a licence so the youth are given the opportunity to learn for themselves.   It is so important that young people do not take their childhood trauma into their adult life like we all have.


Inspiring All to Discover

New Levels of Health Recovery

Release Recover Discover CIC

What You Need to Know Before You Start

There will be plenty of changes as you go through the course and embrace the conscious connection with your core.

There will be profound changes in you and your life as a consequence of your engaging with the process we share.  Here are some of those changes that you should know:

What You Need to Know

Dependency Declines

As you connect with your own bodies ability to Release and Recover you will Discover your need for someone or something else to save you declines.  Your dependency reduces as you take control of your well-being and healing.


Your Story Changes

When reflecting on our past, stress, and traumas, we often perceive them as negative experiences, casting ourselves as victims. However, over time,  through releasing we come to realise that during challenging moments, we discover new depths of resilience, strength, and the ability to adapt and grow.   


The Future Gets Exciting


As we unload the baggage of the past, releasing and recovering from its burdens, we come to realise that the future holds more promise than we had once resigned it to. We find ourselves on a path that reveals new possibilities for action and self-discovery, unhampered by the constraints on our physical and mental well-being.

It is rare in medicine to come across something that is potentially so cost-effective, that is safe, and that teaches the patient to be self-reliant.  It was also refreshing to see a local Pain Consultant recommending it as it ‘ fits very well with our bio-psycho-social model of pain management’.  If it shows in trials what Caroline has seen many times over in her clients who have fibromyalgia, PTSD, and anxiety for example, then I hope this will convince others to offer this as part of their treatment package.   As doctors, we desperately need something other than medication they may not need or counselling that is more expensive.  The future looks very exciting!’

Professional insights from

Dr Alison Graham GP


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