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in Support of Kent Schools to

 Improve the Physical, Mental and Emotional Health of Students.

Working Together to Empower Students

With a Life Tool for Stress Release

A Message for Volunteers

Todays Challenge and Why Now

is the Time for New Thinking…


Schools are facing the growing problem of how to effectively support their students as anxiety and depression spiral out of control.

It is national news that many students suffer from the impact of stress and trauma.  A post-Covid poll conducted by Place2Be and NAHT in 1,130 schools revealed that there has been a notable increase in mental health issues among pupils this school year.

Secondary schools staff noticed in pupils:

  • 86% increase in low self-esteem
  • 76% increase in depression
  • 68% increase in sustained feelings of anger.
  • 72%  increase in self-harm

The wider impact on many aspects of school life negatively affected:

  • pupils’ ability to engage in learning (91%)
  • pupils’ behaviour (87%)
  • pupils’ progress (86%)
  • staff workload and capacity (91%)
  • staff wellbeing (89%)

The Cause of the Problem…

Stress and trauma, which start at birth, creates tension in the Psoas muscle (see image), which is in the core of our body. It is our fight/flight centre, where we store fears and emotions.  Accumulated tension over time disrupts the body’s systems, causing physical, mental and emotional problems.

New Education…

We all have the innate ability to release blocked tension, adrenalin and cortisol stored in our body’s muscle memory. Once learned, this  empowering process becomes a Life Tool and a Tool for Life.

With our expert education, support and guidance whilst learning, transformational healing begins.

PSOAS muscle

Psoas muscle group.

A scientifically based solution for the release of physical tension.

With Validated data from Christ Church University  that states after four weeks of doing the programme:

‘We can be 99% confident that the results on the physical, mental and emotional improvements are not due to chance but a genuine statistical effect.‘

‘High-level anxiety and depression scores down over 60%.’

Canterbury Christ Church University

Integrate into Lesson Plans…

The unique Release Recover Discover Online Programme has been restructured for schools so trained facilitators can deliver four lessons over four weeks. It is designed to be easily integrated into a sport session, PSHE session or as an after-school activity. It can be delivered in sizeable groups. No additional equipment is required to deliver the programme. Each lesson includes an educational presentation and a guided release session.

In their groups, students discover the power of their body to release tension naturally and innately.  They will be able to ask their questions and share their experiences as they discover the benefits. They gain an empowering tool for life and life tool.

Head of Wellbeing shares…

Following the pre-trials at a state Boarding School:

The outcome inspired me. I watched several students take back control and regain their academic drive by practicing while preparing for their exams. On results day in August, these students were pleased with their overall performance and achieved grades they did not think they would have had several months prior.’

We have seen some great individual resilience and emotional stability results. We  now offer it to other students who show symptoms of stress and anxiety. We have been so impressed that many of our staff have also learned the technique. I would thoroughly recommend this course to you and your students. Caroline is an excellent teacher who presents a complex yet simple concept in a very down-to-earth and engaging manner.’

An Opportunity for Adults to Be an

Inspiration for the Next Generation.

As adults, however, we choose to manage or cope with the impact of our past stress and trauma; as their role models, we are leading the next generation to do the same.  Stress affects everyone differently; if we ignore what is going on, it can, as it does for so many, lead to anger, violence or addictive behaviour, including drinking, smoking, taking drugs or overeating.  Ignoring their symptoms leads to them physical, mental and emotional, so they do not live their best life.

Embracing the Release process shared in the programme offers a new path.  The process is natural, simple, practical, and takes less than one hour a week.  It requires no talking, touching or medication to work, as we all have this innate ability.

The more adults that learn to release and recover from the impact of their past stress and trauma, the more of us there are to be an Inspiration for the Next Generation.

What an amazing world if all the students in our schools learned to Release from their past, Recover from the root cause and Discover their SUPERPOWER and live the life they want and deserve.

Students Share their Experience…

‘It was a unique experience that is very difficult to put into words. It has definitely enabled me to relax more in a way I couldn’t before and walk away feeling much better about myself.’

‘I feel much stronger mentally and emotionally, something I have never done before, and I don’t regret this new experience. On the contrary, I found this experience unreal, a unique experience. Nothing like I expected it to be. However, it helped me a lot, and I can see it continuously helping me more in the future. ‘

‘I felt like a massive weight had lifted off my shoulders. It was strange, but I feel that what I have learned today will help me now and in the future. It was something completely different to what I am used to. I now feel fresher and don’t feel stressed out nearly as much as before. I felt relaxed and calm more physically and mentally relaxed as a whole.’

The Release Recover Discover CIC

The School Model

Free for County Schools

The performance and achievements of students measure the success of schools.  The impact on physical, mental and emotional health from past stress and trauma holds back the true capability of staff and students.

We understand that Schools do not have the finances for the training and software license needed to deliver the course to all their pupils.  The RRD CIC model offers a way forward so that there is no financial cost to the school. All costs will be covered with the support of 45 adult volunteers, either self-sponsoring or sponsored by others.

Opportunity for Volunteers and Sponsors…

For the school to qualify for the free facilitator training and three-year license to be able to teach their students, there are two criteria:

1)  Adult Volunteers

Each school needs forty-five adult volunteers who are willing to be an Inspiration for the Next Generation by completing the Release Recover Discover online Basic Introduction Course.

The 45 adults can either self-sponsor buying the programme, which is a one-off cost of £250 or be sponsored by others.

N.B. If you want to be a Volunteer please register with the school that sent you this invite

2)  Sponsors  

Sponsors can donate any amount using the link to the Crowdfunding page, which also shows the other options, which include:

Sponsor a Volunteer:  £250  will sponsor a volunteer.

Sponsor a Group: £1000 will be donated to a group of five. This can be your chosen groups of family, friends, work colleagues, or employees. Alternatively, the school can offer to help their community.

Sponsor a School:  £11,500 will give exclusivity to an organisation or Charity to sponsor a School.

In return, your support will be acknowledged. The school, RRDCIC, and TRE UK® that provide the training will display your company logo on their communications, including websites and newsletters.

We thank you, on behalf of students across the County, for any donation you make. 

Together, we can make a difference in supporting students. 

Together, we can make it possible…


with 45 sponsored, adult volunteers willing to step up and complete the

Release Recover Discover Online Basic Introduction Programme to become an

 Inspiration for the Next Generation.  

Imagine to make it possible that children

are empowered and inspired by

their parents, friends, school and wider community


Requires only adults willing to rise up and embrace the basic  Release, Recover Discover programme.


Start a group and Be Inspirations


Sponsor volunteers

Together let’s make a difference for the Youth

N.B. We do not share your personal details with anyone else. Our communications serve only to support you in appreciating the power of the process and programme we offer.  You can unsubscribe at any time through our emails. 

The Release Recover Discover CIC

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