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The code for this school is DOYRMS.
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Our Youth Project for Schools

Many young people in our world today, struggle with their mental health. With limited options to stop their downward spiral, it has never been more important for us to campaign on their behalf.

Our mission is to unite communities, inviting adults to lead by example and become an Inspiration for the Next Generation.


Empowering Students in Schools across the UK

Our Project Goals

  • Bring together adults to be inspirations
  • Train Facilitators in schools around the county
  • Facilitators to sustainably empower  Teenagers
  • Make a marked difference in reducing mental health problems

Past Students Share Their Experience

‘It was a unique experience that is very difficult to put into words. It has definitely enabled me to relax more in a way I couldn’t before and walk away feeling much better about myself.’

‘After today’s experience, I felt like a massive weight had lifted off my shoulders. It was strange, but I feel like what I have learned today will help me now and in the future. It was something completely different to what I was used to. I now feel fresher and didn’t feel stressed out nearly as much as before. 

‘After today’s session, I feel much stronger mentally and emotionally, something I have never done before, and I don’t regret this new experience. On the contrary, I found this experience unreal, a unique experience. Nothing like I expected it to be. However, it helped me a lot, and I can see it continuously helping me more in the future. ‘

‘This experience has given me a key to start something new in my life. After building up an emotional wall, I have finally found something to help me knock it down.’

The code for this school is DOYRMS.
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About the Duke of York’s Royal Military School

Situated in Dover,  DOYRMS is a unique and iconic school that opened in 1803 and has been serving the children of military personnel ever since. It became a full-state boarding academy in 2010.  Driven by six core values: courage, integrity, respect, commitment, loyalty and self-discipline. They prepare students from all backgrounds with the skills they need to succeed for their next steps in life.

Working to an independent school model, life is busy and dynamic. Saturday morning school is part of their routine, with sports, performances and activities in the afternoon. Providing an all-round education with an academic focus, the Dukies motto is ‘looking forward with confidence and looking back with pride’.  Pupils are constantly exposed to new possibilities.   

The one thing in life that prevents many from achieving their best is the impact past stress, overwhelm or trauma has on their physical, mental and emotional health.  We are excited they are stepping up by adding innovation to their well-being programme.   Training RRD Facilitators, will empower pupils with a life tool for their stress management.

A Letter from the School to You

The code for this school is DOYRMS.
Please enter in the coupon field.

If you want to support the students and there is only you, do not worry you can go ahead and buy the programme. Every one is appreciated.

Discover More…

The Mission at the DOYRMS

There were notable benefits to behaviour, sociability, sleep and focus, following a successful pre-covid pilot of the programme with pupils in years 10 -13.  The school well-being team now want to introduce the programme to all year groups.  They seek training for four members of staff to become Facilitators and teach students how to manage their own well-being.

Leading by Example

How do adults today lead young people to manage the impact of their stress and trauma?  Many children see adults coping by drinking, smoking, drugs, violent behaviour, anger or medication.

Validated Data Report by Canterbury Christchurch University highlights that after four weeks of following the programme:

‘We can be 99% confident that the  results to physical, mental and emotional well-being are not due to chance but a genuine statistical effect’

‘High levels of Anxiety and Depression down over 60%’


We seek adults looking to be an Inspiration to the Next Generation., and lead by example,  engaging with the programme. Not only will it benefit their health and well-being, but it will also support the Facilitator training and licence for the school at no cost to them.

Seeking Inspirational Volunteers

Leading by example makes you an Inspiration for the next Generation!

Adults close to the pupils and school are invited to be inspirational volunteers.

Each school requires 45 adults to complete the Release Recover Discover basic programme for it to qualify for free faciliattor training and the license to share with the pupils.

The Basic Introduction Programme comprises four weekly modules of approximately 60 minutes each.

To be a Volunteer, let your school know and they will add you to their volunteer team. 

The Volunteer Commitment

All we ask is that each group completes the Programme. A simple-to-learn physical practice that reduces tension from past stress, overwhelm and trauma.

Participants simply:

  • Complete and submit a Registration Form
  • Watch a short educational presentation
  • Watch a demonstration video
  • Do a 15-minute audio-guided Release Session
  • Complete and submit a Session Journal
  • Weeks 2-4 include an educational presentation and a 20-minute audio-guided Release session.

After the final module, submit a Form which will generate a Comparison Report recording the changes experienced from the process.

Sponsor the Inspirational Volunteers

To ensure the facilitator training and the school license is free for the school we invite volunteers to step up and lead by example.

As they are a small group leading the way for all the pupils we ask you to sponsor them.

Go to the sonsor button to know more. 

Sponsoring the volunteers is acknowledgement, appreciation and encouragement to the volunteers and and validation for the pupils and the school.

Benefits for All

In gratitude for each group of five, the school will acknowledge the support given to pupils, parents, and the local and wider community through newsletters and their website. The RRD team will, too.

In supporting the school, participating groups are adding social value to the community.

The code for this school is DOYRMS.
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The Big Gains

Four members of DOYRMS staff are ready to start their Facilitator training.  They will be trained to deliver a four lessons over 4 weeks. All the students in the school will have the opportunity to embrace their natural ability to Release tension from their body. They like you will be empowered to take control of their own well-being to live a happier more fulfilling life.

On completion of the course students will have…


A Power Tool to Recover

No matter what life challenges they will face during their life in school and beyond they will have a power tool to Recover and build much needed resilience.



Inspiration and Motivation

Their inspiration and motivation will come from those in their community, parents, teachers, business and service sector who lead them by example.  



Great Optomism for their Future

On completion of the course and embracing this very natural and innate practice, they will not be taking their childhood stress and trauma into their adult life.

The school and community support and encouragement will ensure that Release Recover Discover becomes their go-to tool to stay calm, resilient and enjoy life to the full.

The code for this school is DOYRMS.
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