The Focus of the Release Recover CIC

Is to empower the youth to embrace the power of Release by consciously connecting with their core.  We strive to create the opportunity for teenagers to learn this in their secondary schools around the UK.

Who Does it Involve

Our concept requires a colllaboration to inspire and enable this to happen.

Our opportunity lies as adults to lead the children in how to Recover.  We are very good in leading how to suppress, suffer, self-harm and even be suicidal.

With this practice we can turn this around we can lead in how to recover.  we can be inspirations by embracing the release practice and embracing a journey of recovery and discovery.

As this is new, natural and norm breaking it requires heroes who have the courage to embrace the power of our our own bodies to recover.

Schools and Universities

By schools and universities opening their doors to embrace the mission and supporting the PGCE students in learning and sharing enables the scalability and the youth to be able to learn and embrace the practice.

Universities in collaborating offer the possibility of PGCE students to share at schools but also health students to study the effect of the natural process on mental health.

If you would like to partner with us please contact us.

The Inspirations

Groups of 5 adults who would like to be inspirations for their local pupils and contribute towards sponsoring their local school and PGCE student to learn and to share.

Purchase  5 licenses and on completion of the course your, group, business, organisation, will be named as an inspirational sponsor for the school of your choice.
Once the first group is created you can sponsor other schools by adding 5 more/ school to your group.

Be Collaboration Partners

We seek to work with health and well-being collaborators, coaches, schools, charities and organisations.

Health Care

Health care providers can integrate the Release process we share in the programmes as preparation for your services, as a time and money saver as well as an additional service.


The practical process can be learnt online or by your trained facilitator.

Charities and CICs

Use the Release Recover Discover programme as a support tool for those you support, as a fundraising tool and health managing tool for your staff and volunteers.

Your trained facilitators with our programme can boost your effectiveness in support and Recovery.


Empowering your pupils to Release together, bonds them, enhances their leaning ability and reduces the impact of schools and life stress.

The programme is easily delivered by trained facilitators. Ideal for a trainee teacher to lead and be connected with the colleagues and pupils.


The greatest opportunity to lead your staff in how to Recover from the impact of stress and trauma has become very easy.

By embracing the process and inspiring your teams to follow your lead has great beneficial work related results.

A great PR opportunity lies in being leader for the youth in your communities as your investment in your team finances the schools having the possibility to share with their pupils.

Universities and Colleges

With us your students’ ability to adapt to their new environments is enhanced with how to release their life tension and practically reduce the risks and mental health challenges they may face.

Your PGCE students gain the opportunity to be leaders in a power-tool to reduce pupil depression and anxieties.

Your psychology and health students have something new to explore and test.

Service Sector

As leaders in the levels of traumas and stress you face, how are you leading the rest of us in how to Recover?

With us and through your staff embracing the practice you are not only saving but leading in the Recovery too.

Be the heroes on new levels and not just in how to be tougher and how to suffer but in what we can all do to follow your lead.

It is rare in medicine to come across something that is potentially so cost-effective, that is safe, and that teaches the patient to be self-reliant.  It was also refreshing to see a local Pain Consultant recommending it as it ‘ fits very well with our bio-psycho-social model of pain management’.  If it shows in trials what Caroline has seen many times over in her clients who have fibromyalgia, PTSD, and anxiety for example, then I hope this will convince others to offer this as part of their treatment package.   As doctors, we desperately need something other than medication they may not need or counselling that is more expensive.  The future looks very exciting!’

Professional insights from

Dr Alison Graham GP

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